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Sunday School


Maplewood treasures each child for who they are. We recognize that they are a gift from God and are made in God’s likeness.

Our Sunday School and youth bible study program provide safe and loving environments for all kids. Each week we seek to nurture the children's relationship with Jesus Christ through the foundation of Bible-based lessons, fun activities, crafts, and special projects. Group discussion enriches each child's learning experience. The loving and non-threatening atmosphere further promotes our continuing message that each of us is here to spread God’s magnificent love, to build positive relationships with each other, and to be thankful.

The children have their very own bright and cheery classroom, which they have designed and decorated themselves. Come by and check us out! We would love to meet you and have you become a part of our church family!


During the adult worship service, Sunday School is available for children (kindergarten to grade 7) and youth bible study for youth from (grade 8 and up).

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