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Maplewood is home to Northwest's Child, a year round day program for children, teens and young adults with special needs. Northwest's Child serves children with moderate to severe developmental and physical disabilities, except those with severe behavioral conditions or who are medically fragile. They have a diverse group of students with a wide range of disabilities, needs and interests. Day program activities include arts and crafts, music, individual and group activities, and daily field trips. They are in the community every opportunity they get as their goal is to provide independence, social skills, and building relationships with other students and staff to make for a smooth transition into adulthood.

The child to staff ratio at Northwest's Child is 2:1.

Northwest’s Child strongly encourages volunteering opportunities in the following ways:

  • Direct  hands-on volunteering at one of their 6 program sites.

  • Volunteer to provide services as needed, such as landscaping, plumbing, painting or construction skills.

  • Volunteer to assist on one of our upcoming fund raising events.

For information on volunteering for Northwest’s Child, call 206-526-2493 or email



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