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reflections & Special Presentations

Sermons - Manuscripts

Maplewood Presbyterian Church


2019-09-29 Hallack Greider - What God Wants to Know-2


2019-09-29 Hallack Greider - What God Wants to Know-2

Sermons - Notes

Maplewood Presbyterian Church

2020-03-08 Hallack Greider - The Way of the Pilgrim: A Matter of Heart

2020-03-15 Hallack Greider - The Pilgrim Way: Through Uncertainty

Reflections & Special Presentations

Maplewood Presbyterian Church

2021-10-03 Holy Spirit Prayer - Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179AB)

2021-07-11 The History of Our Windows - Lorraine Leclerc & Liz Corless Davis (see Sermon Notes tab also)

2021-06-27 Songs and Hymns-about All Things Bright and Beautiful, Lift Every Voice and Sing, How Can I Keep from Singing?

2021-05-02 Reflecting on a Year with the Pandemic

2021-05-01 Jean Kim Spring Newsletter

2021-03-21 Kinship in Lockdown America - Link to Fred Sprinkle Video

2021-03-19 OPOP Update: The Journey Continues

2021-03-12 A Prayer to Mark One Year of the Pandemic

2021-02-17 A Lenten Prayer - William Arthur Ward (page design: Virginia Morgan)

2021-02-05 Gainsborough - Cascade Symphony Orchestra Percussion Ensemble

2021-01-08 Narthex/Restrooms Renovation Project - Fast-tracked!

2021-01-08 Narthex Restrooms Renovation Project - Lorraine Leclerc & Darcy Walker

2021-01-08 Narthex/Restrooms Renovation Project - Lorraine Leclerc & Liz Corless-Davis

2020-12-04 Sacred Heart

2020-12-04 Wage Peace - Deb Eckley

2020-11-01 The Ruby Bridges Story - from Guideposts, February 2020

2020-10-04 Sermon Series Outline: The Sermon on the Mount

2020-09-27 One Parish, One Prisoner - OPOP Team Report to Congregation

2020-09-20 Ten Ways to Live Restoratively

2020-08-30 Collective Trauma Response Phases

2020-08-30 Washington Listens Fact Sheet

2020-08-28 This Year's Trail - a poem by Bethany Reid

2020-08-21 Update on Covid-19 Science for Churches - Lisa Allgood

2020-08-14 Going to Church Again - Mary Wisniewski

2020-08-02 Susannah Dudash - You Say

2020-06-07 Racial Issues - Recommendations from Hallack Greider

2020-05-24 Phases of Collective Trauma Response

2020-05-10 Dan Woodworth - Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)

2020-04-20 We Got This!

2020-04-09 Prayer for All Affected by Covid

2020-04-05 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ - Patient Trust

2020-03-20 Fr. Larry Tensi - Prayer of the People

2020-03-18 Hallack Greider - Thoughts on Fear

2020-03-08 Bethany Reid - The Way of the Pilgrim: A Matter of Heart

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